About Us

We at Desin Him Ltd. are a well–established company with decades of long experience in the innovation, manufacturing and trade of professional disinfectants. Our innovative products comply with the European standards for quality, as well as with the latest tendencies for safety and development in the public hygiene, in accordance with the market demands. We work with companies in all industries.

Hospitality industry

Overall disinfection of hotels, restaurant chains, bars, catering kitchens, swimming pools, gyms and spa centers.

Agricultural industry

Solutions made especially for the agricultural sector, farms and veterinary hospitals, eliminating the biofilms of water systems.

Cosmetic industry

Disinfectants for companies and laboratories, which deal with manufacturing and trade of cosmetic products; disinfection of surfaces, production lines, laboratory tools.

Food industry

Specialized disinfection of milk processing companies, meat production, bottling water and beverage industry; disinfection of confectionary and bread making companies.


Highly efficient antimicrobial, bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal disinfection in laboratories, hospitals; disinfection of hospital linen, medical and dental tools.

Offices, households and schools

Solutions for cleaning companies, professional hygiene, disinfection, microbial, virucidal and fungicidal protection.

Our Products

We manufacture and distribute the following products:

Disinfectant for surfaces MILLENIUM
A professional disinfectant for surfaces

A concentrated disinfectant with a bactericide / Salmonella / and a fungicide / C. albicans, A. niger / effect. The efficacy of the active ingredient against viruses with lipid membrane, duckweed, fungi and moulds is confirmed by the German Organization for Chemistry and Microbiology (DGHM).

License number: 2403-1/16.07.2018

Active substances: Alkyl-benzyl-dimethyl-ammonium chloride, benzalkonium chloride. Free of Aldehydes, phenols, chlorine compounds.

Fields of application:

  • cleaning and surface disinfection in industry, tourism and food industry, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, veterinary sites, health and medical institutions. Public sites (restaurants, public places and kitchens, vehicles, schools, nurseries, shops, offices fitness)
  • disinfection of cutting lines in areas of food and beverage production;
  • disinfection of utensils, cutlery.

Concentrations used: 0,25; 0,50; 1,0; 2,0; 4,0

Standardization: BSS EN 1276 , BSS EN 1650 , BSS EN 13697. In compliance with EU standards. Analyses have been carried out in an Accredited laboratory.

Hand disinfectant MILLENIUM
Professional disinfectant for hygienic hand disinfection

Liquid preparation with bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal action against Staphylococcus aureus, Sаlmonella typhosa, Pseudonomas aeruginosa, Hyperacide Corynebacterium, vegetative forms of Bacillus subtilis и Pseudomilzbrand bacillus, Streptococcus faecalis, Sarcina citrica, Escherichia coli, Aerobacter aerogenes, Proteus bulgaris, Proteus mirabilis, Anabaena cylindrical, Chiorella vulgaris, Oscillatoria tennis, Stigeoclonium sp., Aspergillus niger .

License number: 0201-3/14.10.2015.

Active substances: Benzalkonium chloride-QAC. Free of aldehydes, phenols and chlorine compounds.

Fields of application:

  • hygienic hand disinfection by washing with skin-friendly foaming agents and glycerin, which makes the skin soft and smooth.
  • especially suitable for frequent use.
  • ready to use without dilution.

Standardization: BSS EN 1276 , BSS EN 1650 , BSS EN 13697. In compliance with EU standards. Analyses have been carried out in an Accredited laboratory.

Spray desinfection for hands and small surfaces

The biocide is a disinfectant with bactericidal, fungicidal (Candida albicans) and virucidal (enveloped viruses) action.

License number: 2862-1/17.07.2020

Active substances: Еthanol - 72g / 100g (80 об.%)

Fields of application:

  • hygienic disinfection of hands and small non-porous surfaces, including those that come into contact with food, in the food industry, medical establishments, public sector buildings, as well as cutting, packaging and filling machines;
  • especially suitable for frequent use.
  • ready to use without dilution.

Compliance with the requirements of the European regulation for biocides.

Desin Him professional
Professional detergent for highly effective surface disinfection

Liquid preparation (with rinsing) having antimicrobial action against gram / + / and gram / - / microorganisms, including causes of nosocomial infections (IBD), incl. TB, viruses (according to theoretical data provided by the active ingredients importers: adenovirus, viral influenza, enteroviruses, rotavirus, hepatitis A, B, C, HIV, herpes viruses) and fungicidal action. Tested against E.coli, S.aureus, P.aeroginosa, E.hirae, C.albicans, A.niger, M.terrae.

License number: 1253-2/14.10.2015.

Active substances: Benzalkonium chloride, Didycyldimethylammonium chloride, N- (3-aminopropyl) -N-Dodecylpropane-1,3-diamine. Free of aldehydes, phenols and chlorine compounds.

Fields of application:

  • highly effective disinfection of waterproof surfaces in health and medical facilities, surfaces in risk areas with good cleaning action.
  • incubator disinfection;
  • disinfection of hospital linen and work clothes in health and medical institutions;
  • disinfection of medical and dental instruments, laboratory utensils in health and medical institutions;
  • disinfection, combined with good cleaning action of surfaces in public facilities (hotels, transport, saunas, baths, beauty salons, etc.);
  • disinfection and cleaning of surfaces in the production and trade of food;
  • disinfection of kitchen utensils;

Concentrations used: 0,25; 0,50; 1,0; 2,0

Standardization: BSS ЕN 1276:2009; BSS EN 1650:2008; BSS EN 13727; BSS EN 13624; BSS EN 14 348:2005. In compliance with EU standards. Analyses have been carried out in an Accredited laboratory in Bulgaria.

Desin Him Ltd. distributes:

Huwa-San TR-50
A new generation of ecological disinfection.

The unique composition of Huwa San is safe for people and the environment and guarantees maximum hygiene. Huwa San shows a fairly wide range of antibiotic activity. Due to this characteristic it is a real alternative for products based on halogens such as chlorine, bromine or iodine, aldehydes, phenols, quaternary ammonium compounds and others. Huwa San provides security for excellent hygiene due to bacteriostatic activity. When using Huwa San no foam is formed, the product is colorless and odorless, completely soluble in water and with proven residual activity after a long time of non-use of treated surfaces.

License number: 0306-4/09.03.2017.

Active substances: Hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver

Fields of application:

  • fight against bacteria, fungi, spores;
  • surface disinfection - floors, walls, packaging and materials used in the food industry;
  • treatment of indoor air and air conditioning by removing the biofilm (thus avoiding dangerous infections such as legionella);
  • agro-industry: disinfection of greenhouses, premises for keeping animals, containers, tools, water systems, pipe systems, machines, as well as processing of eggs, fruits and vegetables;
  • medical sector: disinfection of walls, floors and sanitary coverings in hospitals, operating rooms, laboratories, medical and veterinary premises, shelters, etc.
  • food and beverage industry: lack of odor, taste and efficiency make the product an excellent disinfectant for pipes, tubes and bottles in the production of food, mineral water, soft drinks, beer and wine;
  • sports facilities and entertainment facilities: disinfection in and around swimming pools, saunas, entertainment venues, bathrooms, odorless and slippery surfaces;
  • cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry: disinfection of pipes, containers, reactors and transport systems for storage of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals;
  • disinfection effect at temperatures from 0 ° C to 95 ° C.

In compliance with EU standards.

The manufacturer of the product is Roam Chemie, Kingdom of Belgium.

Desin Him Ltd. distributes:

eOxide LQ 75
The safest concept for the production of chlorine dioxide.

eOxide LQ 75 (ClO2) is an alternative to the most commonly used disinfectants for drinking water - chlorine gas and sodium hypochlorite. Aqueous solutions of chlorine dioxide are extremely powerful disinfectants, even at very low concentrations, and eOxide LQ 75 (0,75% ClO2). It has a guaranteed shelf life of 2 years and 30 to 45 days shelf life after mixing the two components. Eoxide LQ is non-explosive, has 100% efficiency at pH 4-10 and leaves no damage to disinfection residues. The product is safe for use and transport.

Active substances: Chlorine dioxide

Fields of application:

  • disinfection of drinking water against all microorganisms growing in the water (algae, bacteria, spores, viruses and other pathogens), can also be used for pipelines, tanks, packaging, etc. materials using and carrying water;
  • disinfection of wastewater, to control bacteria such as E-coli and Coli-forms and reduce the growth of problematic biofilm, iron bacteria, algae, etc. microorganisms without adverse effects on the environment;
  • disinfection of irrigation systems by control of algae - living organisms that do not fall within the scope of standard pest control protocols;
  • pharmaceuticals - after the classification of formaldehyde as carcinogenic, ClO2 a suitable alternative for disinfection in the pharmaceutical industry is emerging, as ClO2 is a broad-spectrum biocide, microorganisms do not develop resistance and no carcinogenic residues, with these advantages it is great for disinfection of reactors, tanks, filters in the reverse osmosis system and effectively reduces the contact period;
  • milk processing - milk is a nutrient medium for microbial growth, and eOxide LQ 75 is safe and effective for water treatment, cooling water systems, machinery and equipment, surface treatment, disinfection of air ducts, cans and tanks;
  • poultry farming - disinfection of birds' drinking water, keeps the pipe system clean of biofilm, prevents clogging of drinking troughs, can be used to wash freshly slaughtered birds and other meat products, reduces odors, increases shelf life and controls salmonella and etc. infection;
  • breweries - for washing yeast, killing by chemical reaction with sulfur-containing amino acids, the building blocks of protein, which are used to form cell membranes;
  • fruits and vegetables - for washing fruits and vegetables, destroying spores, fungi and viruses in low concentrations without changing the taste, smell or appearance of the products;
  • disinfection effect at temperatures from 0 ° C to 98 ° C.
  • The manufacturer of the product is eOx Environmental Technologies B.V., Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • From the same manufacturer eOx Environmental Technologies B.V., Kingdom of the Netherlands we distribute 3 more products:
    • eOX SANIPOWER - High quality concentrated detergent for periodic cleaning of bathrooms - floors, walls, sinks, bathtubs.
    • FLOORCLEANER, FLOORSHINE - Concentrated product for all types of waterproof surfaces, flooring and coatings.
    • GREASE REMOVER - High quality concentrated product that can be used in the kitchen to clean stainless steel surfaces, walls, floors, freezers, alpaca, plastic and more.

Our Clients

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the correct and professional cooperation with Desinhim Ltd. - Plovdiv. The products we have been using for disinfection - "Millennium" for hands and "Millennium" for surfaces are of high quality and fully meet hygiene requirements in the food industry. We are convinced that we will continue to work together in the same way.”

Vanela Ltd., Plovdiv

“The sanitary-hygienic control carried out using the Millennium disinfectant showed that it is suitable for cleaning work surfaces, technological equipment, work rooms and sanitary facilities. Good results are found in its use for disinfection of equipment for the production of cosmetic creams and toiletries (viscous raw materials, oils and fats).”

Laboratory "Komihris" Ltd., Plovdiv

“With Desinhim Ltd. we have been working together for many years. The products have excellent bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal effect. It has been proven the effectiveness of the products on lipid envelope viruses, algae, fungi and molds thus making them very suitable for disinfection in health and medical institutions. They are pleasantly odoured , with good cleaning effect. Excellent partner!”

State Psychiatric Hospital, Lovech

“We have been using "Millenium" disinfectant for 2-3 years to clean and disinfect surfaces and kitchen utensils. We recognize that the disinfectant has an effective action against a wide range of bacteria, viruses and others. We recommend using it also from other users.”

State Psychiatric Hospital, Kardzhali

“The disinfectants supplied by the company are of excellent quality and competitive prices. Precision, accuracy and responsiveness in executing queries make them a reliable and desirable partner for collaborative work.”

Center for Mental Health, Plovdiv

As well as the following companies:

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